What is a patternator?

A patternator is a device used to quantify the amount of spray emitted from a sprayer and visualize its pattern. They are often used in agricultural spraying. One type of patternator is used for horizontal or boom sprayers and another type is used for vertical sprayers. Vertical sprayers are used in the fruit growing industry. This site focuses on vertical patternators that can be used with vertical sprayers, such as an air-blast type.

Three different designs of vertical patternators were developed and tested with a 2010 Northeast SARE farmer grant. The most efficient and cost effective model was the SARE patternator.

In 2012, two patternators from 2010 were retested along with another type of patternator, a paper patternator. A paper patternator offers some advantages. Research was supported in 2012 with a Northeast SARE farmer grant.