Patternator Results - 2012

Total Output of Sprayer Nozzles

The total output of each nozzle on the left side of the sprayer was measured to insure no significant difference existed between the three nozzles. A plastic one gallon jug was placed over each nozzle and securely fastened. With the PTO running at 450 RPM, the spray was collected for one minute at 70 PSI. Knowing the total output of the sprayer will allow the determination of the percentage of total spray captured by each patternator. Four replicates were run and the amount of water collected was measured in milliliters. The mean of four replicates for the Berthoud Saphirex 10 discs was 1969 milliliters.

Statistical analysis was performed on the data using the VasserStats website. A one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) with Tukey's hsd test was run.

Total output of three Berthoud Saphirex 10 discs for one minute

mean of four replicates
Treatment Mean
top disc 664 ml no statistical significance was found
middle disc 653 ml
bottom disc 652 ml