Patternator Results - 2010

Patternator Tests with TeeJet D1.5 discs

See the complete statistical results from these tests.

When the total output of the TeeJet discs was tested, a significant difference at the 1% level was found between the top and bottom discs. The bottom disc had an increased output as compared to the top disc. This significant difference most likely modified the total amount of spray captured on the lower panels as compared with the Berthoud discs that no significant difference.

The SARE patternator captured significantly more spray material than the Cornell patternator on all panels except the bottom panel (#1) that was positioned at 1 to 2 feet off the ground and panel #2. The 3rd through 7th panels were significantly different at the 1% level.

The addition of screens to the SARE WITH SCREENS patternator did not provide any improvement over the SARE patternator. On the top (#7) and bottom (#1) panels there was no significant difference with the Cornell patternator. The 2nd through 6th panels were significantly different at the 1% level.

There were some significant differences between the SARE patternator and the SARE WITH SCREENS patternator. On the top panel (#7), significantly more spray material was captured by the SARE patternator at a 1% level of significance and on panel #4 at a 5% level. On panel #2, the SARE WITH SCREENS captured significantly more spray at a 1% level.