Patternator Results - 2010

Total Spray Recovery

The mean of the total amount of spray captured by each of three patternators with the Berthoud and TeeJet discs was calculated. The mean of the three replicates for each patternator was compared to the mean of the replicates for the total output of sprayer to give the percentage of recovery for the two types of discs.

Total spray recovery-Berthoud discs
(mean 1921 ml)
Treatment Mean recovery
Cornell 243 ml 12.6%
SARE 1195 ml 62.2%
SARE with screens 1024 ml 53.3%

Total spray recovery-TeeJet discs
(mean 1771 ml)
Treatment Mean recovery
Cornell 325 ml 18.4%
SARE 1116 ml 63.0%
SARE with screens 1054 ml 59.5%

The percentage of the total spray captured by each of the three patternators reiterates the statistical significance found in Tukey's hsd tests for each of the panels. The SARE and SARE WITH SCREENS patternators are much better than the Cornell model in capturing spray material. The SARE patternator with its high percentage recovery and low material cost would be the patternator of choice of the three models tested.